Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love, Paris

I don't know what took so long for me to shoot this gorgeous outfit! José Ferrand's circa 1947 outfit perfectly captures Parisian Couture. Released in 1999, this was one of my first Genes...and she is still in my collection!

From the story card:

Henry, the kindly doorman at her New York apartment, greeted Gene with interesting news as she stepped from the studio's limo. "Two large packages from Paris arrived for you today, Miss Marshall," he said. "I'll send them right up to you."

Curious, for she wasn't expecting anything, Gene opened the first box and gasped with wonder. There, neatly folded amid colorful sheaves of tissue, was a jacket and circle skirt of the softest dove gray silk tweed with dashing black accents. Drawing it out, she gasped again...what an innovative fashion design! So flattering, so feminine, such a new, fresh look! A fine vellum letter fluttered out from the sweeping folds of the skirt, and with mounting curiosity, Gene read the brief note: "You are an inspiration, a breath of fresh air. I hope you like wearing my newest fashion. Love, Paris."

The second box contained an elegant rose suede hat and accessories to complement the outfit perfectly. Gene immediately decided she would wear this remarkable fashion creation the orphans' charity fundraiser the next afternoon. As she had hoped, the press went wild over this revolutionary new fashion when she walked into the room. The media attention brought a storm of publicity to the orphans' charity, making this fundraiser their most successful ever. Gene's secret admirer never came forward...but every year after that, Gene unfailingly sent a bouquet of perfect pink roses to a certain famous Paris designer in gratitude and admiration.

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  1. This is a beautiful dress! I like material and the hat. Lovely!