Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ginger Gene for The New Year

This circa 1951 creation was released in 2003. Like "The Kiss," this one also makes me think of Jean Harlow, which puts it closer to the 1930's. Either way, J'Adore is gorgeous with her ginger hair and green satin gown. She is ready for New Year's Eve! I decided to "plus" the jewelry (Facets by Marcia) and shoes (Jamieshow) from what Ashton-Drake offered with the original outfit.

From the Story Card:

"Who's double crossing who? Or is it 'whom'? Crosser or crossee, you'll never know whodunnit 'til the end!"

So went the ad campaign for Criss Crossed, Gene Marshall's 1951 mystery thriller.

Gene had already made Tango and Daughter of the Nile that same year—and this foray into an atmospheric "dark old house" melodrama was a welcome change.

The tale of the reunion of thirteen casual former school chums at a gloomy and forbidding beach house had audiences on the edges of their seats. Gasps and nervous laughter filled the theater at every showing (along with appreciative whistles whenever Gene as the glamorous Christina Cross appeared in a new gown).

Shadowy hallways, dark passages, and a chilling chase crossing the craggy coast for the climax confounded moviegoers as to who the killer was—right up until the last few minutes of the film. And many an office watercooler jockey was told off after revealing the surprise ending to coworkers who hadn't seen the movie yet!

Gene loved her role so much in Criss Crossed that she jumped at the chance to spread the word about the film—even appearing in a one-hour radio version that recreated the film…right up to the final revelation! The day after the broadcast, theaters across the country bulged with eager fans dying to know exactly WHODUNNIT!!!

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