Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jamieshow for Christmas

Not sure what to ask for when it comes to the Holidays? I'd say that Gene collectors need to look no further than Jamieshow for some amazing items that are now available for pre-order. First up is this deco-style wig cap called Scheherazade, available in Black, Platinum, Dark Red, and Brown.

Tired of fussing with gloves...attempting to get them over the fingers and the snagging? What about the ones that are supposed to be gloves but look more like children's gloves? Jamieshow now has you covered with these lovely red, black, and white gloved hands, each appropriately accented with a matching bow.

If you're bored with Gene's old outfits, how about this stunning new firey red ensemble called Scheherzade? Yes, it is meant to coordinate with the new wig cap previously mentioned. Act fast though; it's being released in a limited edition of only 30.

Last but not least, they are also releasing a new dressed doll named Natalie. Violet who?

You can pre-order these items on the Jamieshow website.

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