Monday, December 23, 2013

Little Blessings

Released in 2001, this circa 1951 maternity outfit was designed by Vince Nowell. If you've ever read Carolyn Cook's fantastic book about Gene, then you'll know that Vince's creation changed a bit once his sketch left the drafting board.

"It was a shock when I saw this as a maternity outfit! It was originally designed to be a companion piece to Meet Me In Paris and was to be a vacation outfit. The scoop-necked sheath dress is sexy and tight fitting — collectors can take the coat off if they don't want Gene to look pregnant! The top was not originally that boxy — it was to be a dusty pink which a soft drape - the French trapeze that Saint Laurent made popular."

Vince is definitely right; the polka dot sheath that he designed is va-va-voom on White Orchid!

Here's the story that goes along with the outfit that was released:

The film Little Blessings told of a young couple separated by the Korean conflict. Following them from their first chance meeting through their emotion-charged reunion, crowds responded with tears and cheers to a story that hit as close to home as yesterday's headlines.

Gene shone in a part that seemed perfectly tailored to her talents. Breathlessly innocent and beautiful in her opening scenes, she captured the audience's hearts right at the start. Then she captured their funny bones as the young bride shares an off-base home with another army wife when their husbands are stationed in the South. Gene's sense of comedy was at an all-time high during her battle with a pot of grits.

But the key moment comes as Gene reads a loving letter from her husband, who has been sent to the front. She folds the letter and gives it a little kiss. Just then, a knock. In a tight close-up, a look of concern comes over Gene's face. Still in close-up, she goes to the door and opens it. Standing there is an officer, hat in hand. "Ma'am," he says, "I'm afraid I have bad news. Your husband has been reported missing." Gene gasps—and the audience gasps even louder as the camera pulls back to reveal her impending motherhood for the first time...

But all ends happily, and the family is reunited just in time for the new father to witness his little one's first steps—just one more of the "little blessings" that true love can bring!

Cinched in with a belt, the outfit becomes completely different. Which do you prefer?

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