Friday, February 28, 2014

Urban Vita: Rodeo Drive

When I first saw photos of Rodeo Drive, I decided to take a pass on it. I didn't care for the doll's face, and the faux monkey fur cape turned me off a bit. After getting Equestrienne though, I changed my mind. I think I should have listened to my first instincts.

Whereas the Equestrienne face had a pleasing vintage look, Rodeo Drive's looks like she is either constantly perplexed or even a bit annoyed. The eyebrows are painted too low for where the doll's physical brow is sculpted. I knew immediately that this doll was headed to ebay; I had planned on keeping one Vita, assuming that both dolls would be the same. I made the unfortunate choice of selling Equestrienne before receiving Rodeo Drive.

On the plus side, I do like this outfit; it just screams vintage in its styling. The shoes are absolutely beautiful and so is the purse. The jewelry seems to be well made, too.

On the negative side, as it was with Equestrienne, I found the tailoring to be poor. The buttons on the top were placed too far to the right, meaning that when fastened, you could still see them. For most of these photos, I removed them digitally.

The monkey fur seemed like an odd choice, too. This "negative" is probably more a matter of taste; perhaps it is truly authentic to the time period. In the future, when Gene wears this outfit, I will most likely swap the monkey fur out for one of her regular black furs.

I'm not sure what is next for Vita, but I will be keeping my eye on her. I do so badly want her to succeed, as it would be nice to have another option when it comes to well-made articulated 16" vintage fashion dolls. Hopefully Horsman can improve her with each release.

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  1. Cute outfit, but I do agree with you about her face!

  2. Equestrienne had such a sweet vintage face; I was really disappointed to see how this one turned out!