Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Return of Madra and Violet

Today's post is hopefully better late than never, as last Friday night, JAMIEshow announced the release of two new dolls in their Gene Marshall line, Madra Lord and Violet Waters.

The Madra doll, titled "Spotted in Manhattan," sports the hairdo seen in Mel's original drawing.

Here are a few more of the publicity shots from the JS website:

If you want your own Madra, you better act fast; she has been released in a very small limited edition of 150, and JS owner George Gonzalez has stated that she is the ONLY Madra that they will be creating. Here's the link to the site:


If you're a Violet fan, then unfortunately you missed your chance with her. The limited edition of 50, titled "Satin Doll" sold out immediately.

As they say in life, if you snooze…you lose. Many thanks to George and JAMIEshow for keeping the Gene flame burning. Here's hoping that Trent will be appearing soon!

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