Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tonner 75th Glinda

Today's post shows my prize for the People's Choice Wizard of Oz Photography Contest, a 19" Glinda 75th Anniversary Wizard of Oz doll. As you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous.

Blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes, strawberry rooted hair, and an articulated Wilde Imagination's Evangeline body.

She poses very well as the photos here show.

I could have done without the glitter shoes; pink satin would have been just as pretty, and wouldn't have left a tell-tale trail all over the place.

My doll was signed by Tonner himself.

She arrived with a certificate attesting to my win:

As well as a signed artist proof by Tonner.

Thanks to all who voted; it is very much appreciated!

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  1. Congratulations Dave! She's gorgeous, I love her face and hair-do! The artist proof is great too. A congratulations-hug :-)!!!