Friday, September 2, 2016

Sandra Stillwell Goes to New Orleans, Pt. 2

Thursday night was the opening reception, titled "Under the Spell of New Orleans," which included an appetizer/dessert reception. The centerpiece featured Gene Marshall wearing "Dinner at Antoine's." Despite its simplicity, it was probably one of my favorite outfits. I was fortunate enough that my tablemates allowed me to purchase this one.

The inspiration for it was this photograph from Town and Country Magazine, circa 1958.

And yes, Antoine's Restaurant is still around!

Michael presented Sandra with a beautiful floral tribute:

Michael makes the events so much more fun with the games that he hosts from the podium. You can also tell he gets a kick out of doing the daily reveal under the large box:

"Under Her Spell" was an amazing tribute to the Voodoo culture in New Orleans, and specifically modeled after a costume Angela Bassett wore as Marie Laveau in "American Horror Story Coven."

How about a closer look?

Also available for purchase were Krewe Member:

Blithe Spirit:

Tableau in three colors:

and finally New Orleans Carnival:

All are available on Sandra's website for purchase.

This INCREDIBLE diorama was available that night for the guests who had brought dressed dolls. It made an amazing photo opportunity!

To wrap this post up, how about a few shots of those who attended?

And a sneak peak for my next installment:

MUCH more to come!

See more Sandra Stillwell Belle of New Orleans Convention photos at my website.

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful run down of your New Orleans experience. The fashions are just delightful!