Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sandra Stillwell Goes to New Orleans, Pt. 3

Sorry for the delay between installments...I am still processing the thousands of photos I shot in New Orleans; yikes! It is now Friday breakfast, titled "Spanish Influence." The centerpiece was two color variations of "The Crystal Ball."

Influenced by a Cristobal Balenciaga design (get the clever meaning of the title?), these outfits displayed a high level of craftsmanship. The Ilaria wig cap was icing on the cake.

The other outfits available for purchase/pre-order greeted guests as they entered the ballroom:

Castillo in Tweed was a favorite of mine:

Designer supreme George Sarofeen is shown posing Capricho:

My studio shot of the same doll:

Encanto was another favorite, modeled by Ivy:

Attendees received Grand Via in blue:

Most of the outfits seen here are available on Sandra's website for purchase.

Dinner at Antoine's moved to the diorama where she expertly posed on the balcony:

Those who braved the humidity from the ballroom balcony were afforded this view of the St. Louis Cathedral in nearby Jackson Square:

A few other shots of attendees, including this one of Jennifer from Pennsylvania on the left and Rosanne Gillis on the right. I so enjoyed getting to know Jennifer and talking about future plans to visit the Barnes museum in Philly together.

Wayne Nilson, Diane Wagner, and Bennett Mazor. They were a trio of evil when it came to enabling room sales! As if Sandra's fashions weren't bad enough!

As you can see here, everyone was loving Sandra's creations. Wallets and pocketbooks were buzzing.

After breakfast, the touring began. Our group started at the Louisiana State Museum on Chartres Street:

Led by curator Wayne Phillips, we were given a peek into the costume archives. What an amazing opportunity.

Costumes, couture...plenty to take a gander at!

It was fascinating to see the vintage inspirations for some of Sandra's person!

LOVE the vintage labels!

The vintage sketches that preceded the costumes are works of art:

Robert Yoder captured me taking photos:

...and the resulting image:

He also got one of me with Sandra; probably the only shot of me at the Convention to prove I was there. Thanks for sending to me, Robert!

Next up: A tour of The The Presbytère!

See more Sandra Stillwell Belle of New Orleans Convention photos at my website.

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful installment from New Orleans.