Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sandra Stillwell Goes to New Orleans, Pt. 6

You've hung in there long enough to make it to dinner, appropriately titled The Belle of New Orleans. Dressed in this incredible ensemble titled Queen of the Carnival, Gene certainly was the prettiest Mardi Gras Queen ever.

At our plate, we had a miniature crown and scepter, titled The Queen's Regalia:

Michael's big reveal showed what all attendees would receive: The Belle of New Orleans outfit.

Pictures do not do it justice:

As if that wasn't enough, here are some of the other fashions that were presented for sale. These went quickly! Costume de Rigeuer in pink, green, and gold:

The craftsmanship and detailing on Violet Bouquet caused a traffic jam at her display:

Vivien is a reproduction of what actress Vivien Leigh wore in Atlanta in 1964 to the 25th Anniversary re-premiere of "Gone with the Wind":

We were treated to a second presentation by Wayne Phillips:

This one was on designer Helen Clark Warren.

I am in love with her fashion sketches!

As a thanks for all his help and support, Wayne received The Magic Season from Sandra. I think a new Gene collector might have been born here!

OK. I lied in my last post. I need to do ONE more installment!

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