Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Shirley Temple 75th Anniversary Doll

To commemorate Shirley Temple's 75th Birthday in 2003, the Danbury Mint released this limited edition doll. The outfit was based on the first ensemble Shirley wears in the 1939 classic "The Little Princess." Faithful to the original, she carries her treasured doll.

Even the dress under her coat is an excellent replica of Shirley's original costume.

Rather than the cruddy synthetic wigs that they typically used, the Danbury Mint gave this doll a mohair wig (like the vintage Ideal composition dolls) AND glass eyes of hazel to match Shirley's real eye color.

Hands down this is my favorite Shirley Temple doll that the Danbury Mint released. Hoping that R. John Wright's upcoming Shirley doll surpasses this!

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