Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Temple Tuesday: Shirley Holds Her Head

Here is a vintage shot of Shirley Temple at the Ideal Doll factory with Dr. Albert Miller, head chemist for Ideal Toy Company. I have to admit, this photo is just a tiny bit creepy with adult Shirley taking a look at vinyl childhood Shirley...without any hair. Still, I can't avoid zooming in for a closeup.

And a shot of the final product, once painted, dressed, and given a golden curly rooted synthetic hairdo.

NOTE: It was just brought to my attention that the doll head belongs to a baby doll; not the Shirley Temple 1950's vinyl doll I have posted photos of here. That's somewhat of a relief, as I couldn't quite see how that big creepy head could become a Shirley doll.

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