Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Temple Tuesday: Shirley and Abe

In the 1935 Shirley Temple film "The Littlest Rebel," there is a memorable scene where Shirley's character asks no less than President Abraham Lincoln to pardon her father. It is an extremely moving sequence, and the actor who portrayed Abe could not have done a better job. From the December 17, 1935 publicity blurb:

"SWEET AND SINCERE, ALWAYS" - Frank McGlynn, in his first appearance on the set of "The Littlest Rebel" at 20th Century-Fox, was received by Shirley Temple, who requested his signature in her famous autograph book. In character as Abraham Lincoln, which he is playing in Darryl F. Zanuck's production of Civil War romance, McGlynn returned the little star's greeting and wrote in her book: "To Shirley Temple, sweet and sincere, always." McGlynn appeared with her before in "Little Miss Marker."

The Danbury Mint released a tiny doll, only 8" high, wearing the same outfit Shirley wore in the movie.

I'd say they did a pretty good job in the accuracy department, wouldn't you?

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