Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Franken-dolly Shirley

Years ago, The Danbury Mint released this Shirley Temple doll called "Shirley Takes Five," featuring a head sculpt by Jeanne Singer. Although it's a very cute Shirley, it just does not capture the famous tot as well as the many sculpts by Elke Hutchens. Not being content to leave well enough alone, I did a little work on this one. Most porcelain dolls are meant to be on display, and thus come with very little articulation. This particular Shirley, dressed in an outfit from "Our Little Girl," was given a body that perfectly sits in her chair, whereas most Danbury Mint Shirley dolls stand. I couldn't just take off the outfit and put it on another Shirley doll and still utilize the chair. Nope...I would have to perform a Franken-dolly and switch out the heads. I also switched out the awful synthetic wig and gave her a golden mohair one. Here's the result:

I was pleased with the result, but I do caution that this is not an easy process. Finding the right sized doll to do a head swap takes a little time.

In attaching the right head to the cloth body also takes some patience with a needle and thread.

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