Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Temple Tuesday: Captain January Compo

The years are not always kind to 1930s Shirley Temple composition dolls. Most get cracks, worn/broken toes and fingers, messy mohair wigs, and crazed eyes. There are many who feel an original composition Shirley Temple doll should be left untouched in its original condition. There are also some who go to great lengths to repaint, re-wig, and replace those cloudy cracked eyes. When I saw this restored 18" Captain January compo up for sale, it just jumped out at me.

The restoration work is very good; sometimes the repainting is overdone and makes Shirley look like she belongs in the Red Light District. This one seemed just right. The eyes looked natural without being too pristine and bright. The restyled wig would probably be my one complaint; it's a bit big and poofy, but I can live with it.

Sporting her original outfit, shoes, and socks, this one is a gem who looks like she just got hand-picked from the toy store shelf.

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  1. While your Shirley Temple doll is nice, she does look redone. But that doesn't make her any less collectible especially to someone who loves to collect treasures of the past. Enjoy her as much as you can Dave. Happy Collecting!