Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Fight: Tonner vs. Franklin Mint

After my disappointment in the Tonner Portrait Scarlett O’Hara doll, I decided to bring out the Franklin Mint version of the same outfit. Wow...I had forgotten just how cool it was. I used the Tonner doll and redressed her; the FM outfit will not button in back, but for photos, the dress worked just fine. The first photo I photoshopped the hair and her face; I included the untouched photo for comparison's sake:

The craftsmanship of the FM outfit is far superior to the Tonner version, as you can see by this side-by-side shot of the back of the gowns. The poor stitching and white thread on the Tonner (left-side) is really hard to understand for a $200 doll/outfit.

Here is the Tonner doll (face retouched) wearing the Franklin Mint earrings (much more accurate), gown, and shawl. Even the Mint's shawl is superior, crafted in the correct scale. The one unfortunate is that I couldn't use the Mint's much more accurate pearl headdress; the wacky pearl tiara that came with the Tonner is tightly sewed into her head, and I wasn't feeling aggressive enough to try to remove it without possibly damaging the doll. So...Photoshop helped out again in fixing the headdress for the photos here.

Retouched photo...

vs. unretouched...

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