Friday, February 18, 2011

The Perfect Gift

While I was shooting Silhouette of the 40's, I decided to shoot her in another outfit as well, and Perfect Gift was handy. I will probably do this outfit again, as the photo shoot lacked the jewelry as well as any poses that really seemed exciting. Here is what I came up with for this circa 1947 outfit designed by Regina Ganem, The Young Designers of America Winner.

From the story card:

A successful New York City Doctor and a Hollywood star skated at Rockefeller Center as holiday music played. It was a reunion with one of Gene’s closest friends from Cos Cob. They rented skates and had a wonderful afternoon on the ice. As dusk fell, Gene said “Thank you for this perfect gift.” “But I haven’t given you any present!” protested her friend. “Oh, but you have,” insisted Gene. “That’s just about the most perfect gift of all!”

I find it hard to believe that Gene would wear this outfit in NYC in the middle of winter, but what do I know. Hopefully she had her mink coat with her...which is maybe what I will pull out when I reshoot this outfit.

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