Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gene in Hi-Fi

Because of its vintage casual feel, Hi-Fi has always been one of my very favorite Gene Marshall outfits. I can picture my mom back in her day wearing an ensemble like this on a cool fall day. White Hyacinth was a perfect model for this circa 1954 Doug James designed sweater/capri pant combo, released in 1998. Inspired by photos I’d seen taken by another Gene fan, I located the Barbie vintage record player ornament to add to my photo shoot.

From the story card:

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon in September, and Gene is enjoying every moment of these few precious weeks at home between films. She is cozily curled up on the soft rug before the coffee table, going through the neat stacks of correspondence, letters from fans, and script proposals awaiting her attention. Delicious scents drift from the kitchen and fill the house as Gene's favorite homemade stew simmers in the slow cooker. Her dogs, Dashiell and Dottie, are happily drowsing before the fireplace. And best of all, "Blue Evening", that moody, bluesy hit record by Gene's dear friend Ina Stafford is on the hi-fi, filling the room with Ina's rich, velvety voice.

Gene finds herself humming along to the dreamy melody as she signs her name in a personal letter to a fan. As she rises to go to the desk for a stamp, she starts to sway to the music, harmonizing a soprano line to Ina's sultry alto. Her arms rise to dance with an invisible beau as a smile curves her lips and her eyes become dreamy.

The song ends and suddenly she hears applause from outside the window--it's her dear friend and sometimes leading man, dropping by for a visit and enjoying her impromptu dance. Laughing through her blushes, she welcomes him in. He walks straight to the hi-fi, starts the song again, and takes her in his arms--ready for a dance with Gene!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    It's a happy accident that I stumbled into your website. Great photos! Nice to see Gene taking a break from the pressures of being a star. I love the miniature record player. What's the exact name of it and where can I get one? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Dee Dee - thanks for visiting! The record player is a Hallmark ornament. I do not remember the exact name, and attempted to look on ebay to find the exact one but could not do so. Hope you are able to find it!