Friday, February 4, 2011

Picking A Leading Lady

White Hyacinth is one of my favorite Gene dolls. I’m more partial to the brunette Genes, and this one is especially appealing with her casual hairdo. Going through my collection, it was natural for me to want to shoot her and use her with the Derby Dreams tux-dressed Trent that I already had been working with. Sambuca seemed like an outfit that would go well with Trent’s outfit, so that’s what I dressed White Hyacinth Gene in.

No matter how much I like White Hyacinth, the "chemistry" between these two just wasn't happening for me. A few pleasing shots materialized, but nothing I was really jazzed about.

That is, until I switched Gene dolls. It was a case of right outfit, wrong doll. Thanks to Kathy from Oregon's beautiful up-do, this Integrity Gene has become one of my faves. Enjoy the rest of the shoot’s pics.

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