Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not was a 1998 release featuring a circa 1954 set of "unmentionables" (clasp hand in front of mouth in shock right now!). Expertly designed by Timothy Alberts, this ensemble gives Gene owners the opportunity to show her off in a more racy light. Since I was doing a shoot of Gene brides, I brought this set out for the first time and added the garter from "To Have and To Hold" to show what Gene might have looked like while getting ready for her wedding.

From the Story Card:

Even Hollywood movie stars have days when nothing goes right and "glamorous" is the last word they would use to describe themselves!

Gene hurries into her dressing room to change into the next costume for the publicity photoshoot, her famous blue eyes still dazzled from the flashing bulbs and Klieg lights. "Only five minutes to change, Dottie!" she says to her happy white terrier, stopping to give her a fond pat. Gene steps out of her gown, sighing with relief as she adjusts the too-low bodice of her exquisite longline bra with its French lace of forget-me-not blue. All during the last shoot she worried about revealing more than anyone had intended!

Does the next gown require the white crinoline or the silky full slip? Gene reaches for the photo schedule and snap! There goes a garter! As she fixes that, her fingernail snags and runs the seamed nylons! Gene huffs a wayward curl off her forehead in exasperation, smoothes on another pair, slips into a pair of fluffy mules...and loses a pearl earring! The wardrobe mistress pops her head in. "Miss Marshall, we're ready…oh dear me, troubles, honey?"

"I'm a mess," Gene says with a charmingly wry grin as she searches the carpet for her earring.

The woman laughs. "Dear, no matter how messy you feel, even in your dainties you still look like a lady that no one could ever forget!"

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