Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden Gate Glamour: Barcelona

To showcase Barcelona, one of the other spectacular ensembles from Sandra Stillwell's Golden Gate Glamour Convention, I decided to use Rita Hayworth, a special F.A.O. Schwartz doll. Even though she is not fully articulated, she is still one of my faves. But enough about Rita...let's check out this beautiful piece of couture!

Rita definitely looks better with the jacket unbuttoned!

And even better without the jacket altogether; now she's looking more like Gilda! Please note the change of earrings; Sandra provided two sets of earrings with this ensemble. So many choices! And the the black lace around the matching green fabric. Gorgeous!

To see if there are any outfits left to buy, be sure to check Sandra's sales page. Follow my Gene Marshall, Madra Lord, Zita Charles, Violet Waters, Trent Osborn, Poppy Parker, and other classic movie star doll updates on Twitter. See more Gene Marshall photos at my regular website.

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