Thursday, October 1, 2009

Embassy Luncheon

Let me set the scene: it’s 1951, and our gal Gene is in Buenos Aires, Argentina filming the movie “Tango.” She wears this outfit in the Embassy Luncheon scene; her character in “Tango” is an ambassador's daughter in love with an Argentine painter. Designed by Laura Meisner, this 1998 ensemble also looks like it belongs in the classic TV movie, “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.” In fact, much of what Gene wears looks as if it could have been from that movie starring Ann Margret and Claudette Colbert, which had Donald Brooks and Sue Yelland as costume designers. From the storycard:

In the summer of ’51, one word was on everybody’s lips—Tango, the sizzling date movie of the year. Filmed on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gene and her leading man set hearts afire with their rapturous portrayals of Adell and Raoul, a strong-willed diplomat’s daughter and her dark-eyed, artist paramour.

As with the previous outfits that I have posted here, they are classic. Simple, elegant, tasteful, and classy. Here’s the description of what Gene wears: a sleek black sheath of wool crepe. The high standing collar is hand embellished with black beads. Entire dress is fully lined. Accessorized with a matching belt, silver faux fox fur stole, lined in deep red, petal hat, gloves with black bead work, drop earrings, nylons, suede sling back heels and beaded clutch purse. Ironically, these little fashion doll outfits probably cost more than the REAL outfits cost back in 1951. Wowee kazowee.

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