Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somewhere Summer

This 1999 Tim Kennedy design is another favorite; simple, yet so true to its vintage heritage. Circa 1952, Gene is wearing a crisp white dress of dotted organza, layered over cool-white taffeta. The sleeves (known as “lantern” sleeves) are fantastic, creating a v-shape that is particularly flattering, similar to padded shoulders.

From the story card:

The weather outside the theatre is frightful: cold, wet—winter at its worst. But once inside and the film begins—and the smell of popcorn and weather-dampened coats is overpowered by the imagined scent of sweet summer blossoms for a couple of glorious hours. Gene’s latest hit, “Somerwhere Summer,” is nearing its end. There, on screen, is Gene, standing in a beautiful rose garden. A soft breeze ruffles her dotted dress as she waits. Will he be there to keep his promise to sweep her away where it’s somewhere summer?

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