Friday, October 16, 2009


Jose Ferrand designed this circa 1950 creation in 1999. Doncha’ dig her faux fur-trimmed “mules”, even if they are molded plastic?

From the story card:

Gene Marshall studied herself in the dressing room mirror. In a few minutes, she would be under the hot lights filming the final scene of “Monaco”—acting as if the “night air” of Monte Carlo was causing her to shiver as she reflected on her good fortune. Rubbing her arms and drawing the diaphanous folds of lace around her, she would step off the balcony and back into the honeymoon suite—just in time for the Prince (her new husband and true love) to hand her a bubbly glass of champagne.A toast, a passionate kiss, and then…Fade Out.

Fade out is, this film probably would have kept griding for another salacious 20 minutes. Sometimes, imagination is a good thing. This is why Gene is so loved; she stirs the imagination.

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  1. I love that couch/lounge. Beautiful! Thanks sharing!!