Monday, October 12, 2009


It’s 1941 and Gene’s life is about to change; for her, it isn’t Schwabb’s drugstore, but rather a movie theater in New York. This 1995 Tim Kennedy outfit is a brightly colored homage to the outfits worn by actual ushers and usherettes during the golden age of Hollywood. From the storycard:

When you have a dream to pursue, sacrifice seems like nothing. So you give your comfortable, small-town life and move to New York City. You look for a job that will get you noticed by people in the ovie industry…a job as an Usherette, in a movie theatre frequented by celebrities. For Gene, no job could be better! When not helping people to their seats, she can stand at the rear of the darkened theatre, watching the films she loves and learning from them.

And learn she does. Did I mention that the flashlight is included?

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