Friday, October 9, 2009


This outfit caught my attention not because of its intricacies or exquisite fabrics or even its innovations. I had to have it because it seemed so right for the era that it was set in. You can just imagine a young lady dressed casually, about to listen to her favorite album. Not CD; not itune; an album. A black lacquered record with her favorite musicians, recorded in glorious High Fidelity (aka Hi-Fi for you youngsters!). This circa 1954 outfit was designed by Doug James and released in 1998. From the storycard:

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in September, and Gene is enjoying a moment of these few precious weeks at home between films. She is cozily curled up on the soft rug before the coffeeetable, going through the neat stacks of correspondence, letters from fans, and script proposals awaiting her attention. Delicious scents drift from the kitchen and fill the house as Gene’s favorite homemade stew simmers in the slow cooker. Her dogs, Dashiell and Dottie, are happily drowsing before the fireplace. And best of all, ‘Blue Evening,’ that moddy, bluesy hit record by Gene’s dear friend, Ina Stafford, is on the hi-fi, filling the room with Ina’s rich velvety voice.

Hi-Fi also comes with a miniature record; how cool is that? Die-hard Gene fans who read the storycard will want to have Dashiell and Dottie to complete their collection; naturally they are sold separately. Pure marketing genius—sell the story and you sell the accessories.

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