Friday, April 2, 2010

Gene Marshall: Imperial She, Pt. 2

A few creative shots today using some vintage images from the classic Buster Crabbe “Flash Gordon” serial. More from the studio archives:

Here in the television studio, she is mistaken for an extra in a current sci-fi show and treated with the same low-level respect given most struggling actresses. A chance and fateful meeting with the beloved newscaster and the pursuit by her father’s minions to capture and return her to Venus form the comic engine that propels the res of the plot.

Monolithic bought the rights to “Distant Venus” as a vehicle for Gene Marshall. This decision was based on the financial success of other studios with current science fiction productions and the studio’s chance to get in cultural digs at their latest nemesis, television. Gene was considered the necessary sure-fire box office gold. Though arguably about TV, Mono approached “Distant Venus” with a philosophy of making it bigger, better and more expensive than anything you could ever see on television. The sci-fi elements were expanded and enhanced with state-of-the-art special effects and a cast including many of Mono’s top stars were employed to assure the movie public that this was a perfect reason to leave your TV at home and go to the movies. The combination of big-name stars, big budget special effects and witty dialogue worked seamlessly and made “Distant Venus” a surprise hit of 1954.

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