Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Shirley Temple Black!

Today is the birthday of a living legend. Shirley Temple Black helped pull the country out of the Depression in the 1930’s with her movies, reigning supreme as the top Box Office Draw for almost a solid 5 years.

In addition to her stellar career in film, Shirley spent her adult life serving the country as a politician. Some of her positions included Chief of Protocol and U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and later Czechoslovakia. Shirley was also one of the first people to speak out to women about breast cancer, encouraging them to get checked. It was a courageous and monumental move on her part that helped bring this hush-hush topic to the forefront of conversations.

For today’s special salute, I am posting photos of the Danbury Mint porcelain doll “Glad Rags to Riches,” based on the 1933 short that Shirley starred in. It is probably one of the best (and most adorable) likenesses of a young Shirley.

Happy Birthday, Shirley—and thanks for all your years of service to this country!

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