Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madra: Pool Pose

Today, Madra Lord travels to Palm Springs and poses in front of the pool at the Riviera Resort & Spa. This is another outfit I resisted for awhile...but it was futile. How could I not add this Esther Williams inspired ensemble? From the Monolithic Studios Press Archive Dossier for “Moon Over Orlando":

In the 1940s Monolithic’s musicals were world famous for not only their melodies and dance but their Technicolor exuberance as well. “Moon Over Orlando” was a brilliantly colored fast-paced romp about two best girlfriends who leave behind their department store jobs in Orlando Florida for a weekend of exploring the glamour and bright lights of Miami Beach. Gene Marshall and Ivy Jordan played the two best friends who find romance and excitement during a long weekend of musical mayhem with a hotel bandleader and myopic serviceman on leave.

The songs were first rate and the mood kept light and lively with energetic pacing and sparkling performances from Ivy and Gene. Their colorful and stylish wardrobes, “borrowed” from their department store were a part of the attraction for the ladies who flocked to “Moon Over Orlando” to see their war-time fantasies enacted by our two actresses.

Perennial favorite, Monolithic star Madra Lord goodnaturedly made a cameo appearance playing herself in a poolside scene exploiting her reputation in the press for demanding behavior.

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