Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ready for the Easter Parade: Pink with Envy

For my Easter post, Gene has raided Madra’s closet and borrows Pink with Envy. Designed by Bob Lange, Madra Lord’s circa 1952 ensemble is seen here being modeled in Savannah, Georgia’s Bonaventure Cemetery. You can see the beautiful azaleas in full bloom here. From the story card:

1952. While the success of “First Encounter” was still fresh in the studio’s mind, Madra Lord decided that it was time to strike while the iron (and the actress) was hot. For although her recent roles had been both juicy and meaty—she was ready for a little dessert to round out her cinematic buffet. And so Madra’s campaign began.

One morning, sitting in her steam cabinet, her phone began to ring. Grumbling, she wrapped herself in a Turkish towel and headed for the phone nook. On the other end of the line was Ruben Lilienthal’s assistant.

“Can you get here right away? You’ve finally worn R.L. down and he’s agreed to see you IF you can be here in an hour. He says he’ll order lunch in…”

“About time!” thought Madra—as she dashed through a quick shower and fixed her face and hair. But what to wear…”

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