Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gene Marshall: Daughter of the Nile

The 1956 movie "The Ten Commandments" is a classic Hollywood film of excess and historical inaccuracy; despite that, it's a heckuvalotta' fun! Cecil B. DeMille produced this Biblical epic that starred Charlton Heston and Anne Baxter. Baxter's character, Nefretiri, is obviously the inspiration for Gene Marshall's Daughter of the Nile ensemble designed by Timothy Alberts, circa 1952. From the story card:

Determined to entice back audiences lured from movie houses by Hollywood's greatest rival, television, Monolithic Studios poured millions of dollars and an all-star cast of thousands into a stupdendous historical epic called "Daughter of the Nile.” In the female lead they naturally cast their number one box office draw, Gene Marshall. It proved to be a smart move. “Daughter” attracted vast hordes of people back to the theatres, becoming one of Monolithic’s greatest successes.

Gene’s talent and exotic, raven-haired beauty stood out among all the stars packed into this picture, filmed on location in Luxor, Egypt. The filming conditions were primitive. People wilted under the unrelenting sun and hot lights. Make-up crews frantically hid sunburns under melting pancake base.

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  1. Your photo really does justice to Daughter of the Nile. We have this one from Ashton Drake, and it's never been out of the box. Really like seeing them displayed the way your photos show. I saw the Ten Commandments at the Egyptian theater when first released. An experience I always remember.

  2. I still have yet to go inside the Egyptian; definitely on my "check list." Good to hear from you, Lee.