Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet Ivy Jordan: Pink and Pearls, Pt. 1

I liked this one the minute I saw it: Gene Marshall’s friend Ivy Jordan in Pink and Pearls, made by the team of Mel Odom & Jason Wu. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get her, but of course the AMAZING folks at Doll Peddlar pulled through with their typical excellent customer service. From Ivy’s Journal:

Dear Journal, You know, I'm finding that being a director is a harder acting job than being an actor!
And I mean that on all levels. For instance, I had no idea when I took over as director from Miles Martin that I'd essentially be eating EVERY part in the picture, right down to the walk-on in a crowd scene. I guess that's just my directing style—I can only feel comfortable helping an actor or actress find the right way to play a scene by “doing it myself.” Oh, well—once a performer, ALWAYS a performer. I suppose...

But the other times I've found that I have to be actor first and director second is when I'm negotiating with the Top Studio Brass! I don't think they're still QUITE used to the idea of a “gal” helming their big projects.

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