Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Ivy Jordan: Pink and Pearls, Pt. 2

It looks a little chilly in photo number 1; and Ivy is not trying to hide it! More from Ivy’s Journal:

And that's where I suddenly learned, just in time, that I needed to pull out all my acting chops to get what I want—and, with a little help from a friend, I've discovered I'm pretty good at it!

My big meeting with the TSB (see above—figure it out!) was scheduled for this afternoon. I'd prepared and prepared and was just too close to the whole situation—so I called up Gene Marshall, good buddy and honest critic. She was over in a flash.

I sat her down and said, “Okay. You're R.L. And I'm me. And now I'm going to convince you that I'm the perfect one to direct the new Trent Osborn picture…”

Gene smiled, bowed her head… And when she looked back up, I swear that Reuben Lillienthal was sittering there in the room! ”All right, Dearie—so you think you can direct this little picture of ours…”

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