Friday, March 5, 2010

Gene Marshall: Suited For Fur

At a bargain-basement price because of some light staining on the hands (which is probably easy to remove), I was a sucker for this Jason Wu Gene Marshall—and so glad I got her! The outfit reminded me of the gray suit Kim Novak wore in “Vertigo,” except for the lavender fur of course! Rather than put the pin on the hat, I put it on her coat, as that seemed more appropriate to me. She really is a beauty, and poses very well. Gene is first shown here at Union Station in Los Angeles, wearing her circa 1947 outfit. From the included behind the scene report:

One of the pleasures of “Executive Sweet” was the ensemble cast of first-rate character actors in supporting roles. Foremost among these was actress Millie Kirk, as Gene’s ‘pretend’ mother-in-law to be. Miss Kirk had been a fixture at Monolithic Studio since the 1930’s and had made a wildly successful career of playing befuddled society matrons and clueless mothers and mothers-in-law. The scenes between Gene and Millie sparked with the genius of two generations of actress, working together at their peaks, and loving it.

Though both had worked at the same studio for years, circumstances and schedules had kept them in separate orbits. Other than having passed each other occasionally at parties and at the studio and having a nodding acquaintance, their first planned meeting as actresses and coworkers took place in the studio costume shop.

Millie sure sounds a lot like Billie Burke!

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