Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Madra: Scorned Woman, Pt. 2

Finishing off the post from the other day featuring Madra. When all three story folders (the other two are for Gene and Trent) are placed together, they form a panorama. Mel thinks of everything doesn’t he? Here’s the rest of the story card:

And so Madra joined the cast of “Lover in Disguise” as the dress shop owner. In the film's classic climactic scene, she watches as her fiancĂ©, a dashing playboy played by Trent Osborn, scorns her at a charity ball and runs off with her shopgirl, leaving Madra a masked and fuming wallflower.

But, even behind her mask, Madra showed being a scorned woman included hiding a broken heart and that single tear that trickled from beneath her mask triggered many a stifled sniffle in the audience!

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