Monday, March 29, 2010

Gene Marshall: Swim Suited To A ‘T’

This circa 1952 outfit from Jason Wu is a vintage winner! I used the deck chair from one of the Hollywood Ahoy Convention and a vintage shot of a beach in San Diego from my youth and voila—the photo you see before you. From the story card:

Excerpt from a 1952 cover story from “Your Move Cavalcade” magazine: “Beach Costume Suits to a ‘T’!” “…and fans crowded the sands of Malibu (standing in for the Cote d’Azur) as Gene Marshall and her Best Buddy Ivy Jordan filmed a beach scene from Gene’s new film, “Love For Sail” — the story of a group of enterprising secretaries who empty their bank accounts to hunt for Mr. Right on a glamorous cruise. Mary (Gene) just can’t seem to keep her dainty foot out of her mouth when the handsome captain is in sight—even under the watchful eye of traveling companion Muriel (Ivy)…”

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