Friday, January 8, 2010

Gene Marshall: Fashion Plot, Pt. 1

Serendipity struck again when I was checking out the Los Altos Apartments in Los Angeles. The exterior of the building had been used in the TV show “Angel,” and something about its 1920’s elegance got me out of the car with my camera inhand. Looking through the locked front door I was dying to go in...and as it turned out, the Manager was walking his dog and gave me the grand tour of the place. How cool! First shot shows Gene standing in front of the building; the second shot shows her sitting in the same suite that William Randolph Hearts and Marion Davies used to live in. Seemed like a good place for Gene in her circa 1948 outfit designed by Tim Kennedy. From the story card:

Gene held her breath. The killer was going through her nightstand, looking for something. From her disadvantage point under her bed, Gene couldn’t see the face. But if she lifted the frilly bedskirt just enough, maybe she could see a reflection in her dressing table mirror…

The crowd gasped as Gene closed the book. “And to find out if I saw the killer’s face, you’ll just have to buy your own copy of Gene Marshall—Teen Marshal: The Case of the Cos Cob Killer! Now it’s no mystery that our hosts have provided plenty of refreshment, so enjoy!”

This was Gene’s first stop on the premiere book tour for the Gene Marshall—Teen Marshal series of teen mysteries. A teenaged Gene was the heroine, pressed into service as an honorary U.S. Marshal to combat crime in Cox Cob and around the world. Her mother and father were in it, too, with Dr. Marshal becoming “Doc Marshall, Town Physician and Forensics Expert” and Mrs. Marshall “Ma Marshall, Always There With Cookies and Advice”! The books were well-written and exciting—and Gene was thrilled to lend her name to the series.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. A young teen girl stood smiling behind her. “Miss Marshall, I was wondering…”

“Who the killer is? I’d love to tell you, but I’m bound to secrecy…”

“No,” the girl blushed. “I just wondered who designed your suit. It’s a killer!” And they laughed as they walked to the refreshment table.

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  1. This is a lovely dress Dave! I should consider getting it.

  2. Keep your eye out for it; I don't see it pop up on ebay much, and on, it is currently going for $125!

  3. Love Gene & Madra, Bring it on !!