Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucy: LA at Last by The Franklin Mint

Before I saw the Mattel version, the Franklin Mint vinyl Lucy was more than adequate in my opinion. I thought the sculpt did a fairly good job of capturing Lucy (although not as good as their porcelain sculpt) and I loved the fact that most of her memorable TV outfits were available in fashion-doll size. Once I saw the Mattel version (and popped the episode in my DVD player to refresh my memory), I was able to see just how much they had missed the mark by.

The facial sculpt is more of a "beautiful Lucy" than a comic Lucy, and I think this is a huge mistake. On top of that, there are many subtle details that Mattel was able to capture that the Mint chose to ignore. This is even more astounding when considering that Mattel's doll is a much smaller scale. FM has no sparkles on Lucy's tie or waist, they omitted the rhinestone glasses, there is no coffee cop as a prop, and no putty nose is available to make the situation laughable. Instead, they released a barebones classic 1950’s outfit that is true to the period, although somewhat misses the mark of its inspiration.

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