Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tonner Scarlett: Mrs. Kennedy

When comparing the Tonner version of this doll & outfit with the film, it is almost difficult to imagine that they are supposed to be one and the same. Not only is the hairstyle somewhat off, but the fabric and color chosen are completely different as well. And those tassles...they just will not lay down correctly. Why would Tonner stray so far from the film for his creation? I can only give you a theory—for one, the Franklin Mint has already done a very faithful adaptation. Why do it again? The other reason is that even though the Franklin Mint’s version of this doll is more faithful, I believe that the Tonner outfit is more beautiful in its subtlety of color and fabric. Again, just a theory. Of course, it could be because there is a conspiracy plot to drive all GWTW doll collectors crazy—yeah, that must be it!

For comparison's sake, here are the film frames again:

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