Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trent Osborn: Skiing or “She-ing”?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; a trip to Orlando has put me behind, but I promise to be more regular! In response to my recent poll of who my readers want to see more of, here’s a shot of Trent Osborn wearing his “Skiing or ‘She-ing’?” ensemble, designed by Frank Ingenito. Trent is a blond here; I think he looks more at home with darker locks, don’t you? From the storycard:

1948. All right. Level with me. Whose idea was this in the first place?

Who ever decided that strapping two barrel slats on your boots and zipping down the mountainside at ungodly speeds in sub-zero weather was fun?

Not I! Oh, perhaps in my more foolhard days…

But here I am, in a little chalet in St. Moritz, lounging in front of the fire surrounded by enthusiasts from all over the world, ready to eagerly hurl themselves down the mountain to nearly certain bone breakage and freezing behinds.

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  1. I love this outfit and please please take some more picture of him.
    thank a lot!!!

  2. Dalete—there will be more coming soon!