Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gene Marshall: Pas de Deux, Pt. 2

Two more photos today, no fancy background...just focusing on Gene in her elegant attire. The rest of the story card:

But the path she had taken didn’t mean that she still wasn’t allowed the tingle of anticipation as she stepped from the back of the limousine onto the sidewalk in front of New York City Center, home to the new company. Unconsciously, she found herself pointing her toe behind her with each step she took. Embarrassed, she looked around, then broke out in a little giggle when she realized her skirt was covering up her frivolity.

Suddenly, someone took her elbow. She looked up—and there he was! She felt the eyes of the crowd turn to them as she and her escort stepped through the doors, handing their invitation to the head usher. And she knew that tongues would be wagging as fast as a ballerina’s feet during an entrechat when the identity of her date hit the columns!

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  1. This is one of my favorites too! I think speaks elegance with a capital E.