Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Franklin Mint Vinyl: Bridal Scarlett

Franklin Mint first did a porcelain version of Scarlett in her wedding dress, and then eventually a cheaper version for the vinyl portrait doll. The dress for the porcelain doll is exquisite; the vinyl one...not so much. Especially in the detailing of the silk leaves, which almost seem like a cheap paper with the vinyl doll. With the 3 marriages that Scarlett has in the movie of “Gone with the Wind,” we only see her wedding day for her first marriage to Melanie’s brother, Charles Hamilton. Walter Plunkett, the talented designer behind the dress, was quite proud that he had the dress made oversized, to reflect the fact that Scarlett wore her mother's bridal gown but didn't have time to have it taken in. The vinyl Franklin Mint Scarlett Bridal outfit fits perfectly on the doll...not very true to the book or movie. I’m also not sure what is up with the Mint and the green that they paint Scarlett's eyes with. Sure, her eyes are famous for their green color, but the Mint uses a shade so vibrant and glowing that it really cheapens the final product.

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  1. Your photos are fabulous! Everything you say is so true tho. When I got my first vinyl Scarlett about 10 years ago I almost sent her back because the eyes bothered me so much. I'm glad I kept her and bought others, but sure would be nice to have them all repainted!

  2. Nikki - At some point, I will retouch her eyes. I actually toned them down a bit for these photos (and even redid them a little; on my doll, she looks slightly cross-eyed!).

  3. Hi Dave!
    You are so lucky to have this doll! It is very rare these days. Yes, I agree with the eyes too. I love the photo of this doll. Hope to see more. I'd like to see the entire dress and its detail. = ) Congratulations on these Dave! Wonderful! -- by the way this is Boots from soultalk a.k.a. Raphael

  4. Raphael - Thanks for the very nice comments. I will take some other photos soon so that you can see the rest of her! - Dave