Friday, December 18, 2009

Gene: Midnight Gamble, Pt. 2

The rest of the storycard from “Midnight Gamble”:

One morning the paper treated its readers to a photograph of Gene exiting through the unique revolving face card doors of the famous Le Rouge et Le Noir casino club. Gene and her date had earlier attended a private exhibit of the innnovative art of painter Jacques Zoli, then went to the casino near midnight. Gene had never gambled before, so her escort recommended the roulette wheel. “Faites vos jeux,” called the croupier, and Gene placed several chips on number 17 black—her birthday. “Rien ne va plus,” the croupier called to end the betting, then spun the wheel in a dizzying kaleidoscope of red and black, the silver ball spinning, tripping, then clacking musically into…17 black! Gene threw her arms up with surprised excitement, her sumptuous Prussian blue silk jacket flying out like the wings of an exotic buttefly. Even Lady Luck is a big fan of the so-beautiful American cinema star, Gene!

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