Thursday, December 24, 2009

Franklin Mint Vinyl: Scarlett & Christmas with Ashley

Just in time for Christmas, Scarlett arrived yesterday. And although her new price tag was mighty steep (thankfully I was able to get a discount!), she really does look fantastic...even better than the publicity shot on the Franklin Mint’s website. For her first shot, I pulled out the black coat that she wore to the depot to greet Ashley (expertly tailored by Alana of Doll Fashions by Alana!) and added the Paris Hat that Rhett bought for her. For the background shot, I used a photo that I took in the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs (snow in Southern California???).

And for the rest of the shots, it’s just plain ol’ Scarlett. The detail is amazing; beautiful fabric (albeit a little sticky), the tiny buttons down the front of the top, the lace collar and cameo, and the! As if she just stepped out of the movie. At some point, I might have to repaint her glowing green eyes!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season, whatever you may celebrate!

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  1. Gosh Dave, you're making me want to have this! Agree, about the eyes. But everything about this doll makes it a perfect Christmas present. Great!!! Thank you for putting this up. It shows a closer and clearer look at the doll

  2. The eyes are an easy enough fix...definitely not anything to keep one from buying it! Glad these are helpful!