Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gene: Love At First Sight

Gene is pure 1940 vintage in this Dolly Cipolla creation that looks like a delicious mocha dream come to life. I placed her in New York City in front of Radio City Music Hall (a photo I shot back in 2001) since the story card places this particular tale in the Big Apple. From the story card:

“Look at the time!” Cedric Beston (who was one of the world’s most respected photographers) snapped his pocket watch shut. “Here I am photographing a most promising model and time has just slipped by.”

Gene, still new to New York and to modeling, blushed prettily at Mr. Beston’s off-hand compliment.

“I’m supposed to photograph Elsie Paxwell’s cocktail soirĂ©e tonight for ‘Deluxe’ magazine,” he continued, “but I’m afraid your glow has thoroughly bewitched me”I really must be off immediately, my dear.”

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