Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gene Marshall: Champagne Flight

Champagne Flight came in three versions, and all are very hard to come by now: a light blue and a light green uniform with blond hair, and the one pictured here featuring a tan color outfit and a red-headed Gene. I love the uniform, expertly designed by George Sarofeen, but the hair...Good Lord it is awful! I believe this doll is going on ebay and the uniform will be modeled on a different doll very soon. Even if the permed auburn mess is authentic to the circa 1952 era that this outfit hails, I just do not care for it. And true to fashion, the shoes also annoy me; I’m sure it was a cost-saving measure, but Ashton-Drake sure did skimp on this area for poor Gene. The color choice (black) definitely does not match well with the tan colored uniform, and besides that, they are very cheaply made. Onto more positive things...she really does look spectacular with her hat, bag, and crisp uniform—ready to give directions to passengers. For this post, I have put Gene in front of a vintage photo that hangs on the wall of the popular attraction “Soarin’ Over California” at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim. From the story card:

1952’s “Somewhere Summer” starred Gene in the story of a stewardess whose dreams flew high enough to reach the stars.

It all started in New York City on a flight layover. The stewardess sat in the automat, leafing through an old copy of “Posh Living” magazine. Sundely, a voice roused her from her daydream. “Is this stool taken?” She looked up, only to see a handsome stranger by her side—with incredible hazel eyes. Moments after he’d put down his coffee and picked up the conversation, she knew she was in love.

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