Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gene: Midnight Romance

Timothy Alberts designed this circa 1954 vision of blue that looks like something Cinderella might wear when she’s trying to capture the heart of her prince. Posed in front of Beverly Hills for the first photo, I realized after I snapped the shot that I left her necklace off. Something to redo at another time! From the storycard:

Hollywood is the American mecca for gifted artists to come together and create the special magic that enchants our hearts for all time.

Gene first met Johnny Harmon at a premiere party. Gene had slipped away for a breath of air when she heard an exquisite melody drifting form the music room. Enthralled by the haunting refrain, she peeked in and saw a slender, sandy-haired man alone in the room playing the piano, his face enrapt with artistic joy. Gene listened for awhile, then, unable to resist, began to hum the melody. It was as if the song had been waiting for Gene’s rich, seductive soprano voice to make it complete. They played and sang the night away…and a deep, abiding friendship was born.

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