Monday, December 21, 2009

Franklin Mint Vinyl: Vivien Leigh as Mrs. Kennedy

The Franklin Mint seems to have ceased selling outfits for Scarlett and only releasing fully dressed dolls. On one hand, it sucks for the wallet; on the other, at least each doll comes with a hairdo that matches the one we see in the film, saving us nit-picky collectors from having to attempt to restyle her hair!

For the scene in the film where Vivien Leigh wears this outfit, she is inspecting the lumbermill and learns from the foreman that he is using convict labor. What a juxtaposition to see Scarlett’s finery and the tattered uniforms of the convicts. For this photoshoot, since I didn’t have any photos of a lumbermill, I placed Scarlett in the Main Street U.S.A. Bank at Disneyland. Seemed appropriate since she had the books of the lumbermill with her!

And just how true to the film is the Franklin Mint version? Here are a few scenes from the film for comparison's sake:

When I first saw the costume, I thought the orange color of the fabric was a little garish; however, it is very true to the film; much more so than the Tonner version of the same outfit (more on that at a later date). Even the book is a faithful replication of the one that Scarlett holds. Thumbs up to the Franklin Mint on this one!

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  1. Great photos! She looks perfect at the Disney Bank! I do prefer the FM version vs. the Tonner on this one for sure~

  2. Thanks Nikki! Soon I will be posting comparison photos of the Tonner version.

  3. Yes, I painfully agree -- because I got the Tonner version of it! Argh!!
    Everything about the FM version's dress is saying to me: "You must have chosen me!"