Friday, November 20, 2009

Cocoa Crisp

When Gene transferred over from Ashton Drake to Integrity & Jason Wu, somehow her facial painting or new sculpt appeared to take her out of her vintage world and made her seem more contemporary. At that point, I lost interest in purchasing any of the new dolls. “Cocoa Crisp” was definitely an exception to the rule. Limited Edition 800, I could just picture Gene in this outfit lunching with the ladies at B. Altman’s or any one of the many other fashionable department stores back in the day that had a tea room. Once again, I did a little experimentation of blending my travel photography with a photo of Gene, placing her at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. I can’t say I’m totally happy with this particular shot, which shows that I need to spend more time with the lighting, posing, and blending. Time is something I haven’t had much of lately, so the next few posts will most likely consist of publicity photos.

Instead of storycards, these new dolls came with script excerpts. This particular production is called “Green Eyes,” and is circa August 1956.

Here’s the publicity photo that was released for this doll:

I’ll be back Monday with a new post. To see more Chateau Marmont photos, visit my regular website.

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  1. A very nice blending of the two photos. I think the focus of the two images are fighting each other. I'm wondering if a little blur on Gene (to match) would not be better, along with blending the Gene edges into the scene too. I love this kinda thing, and it really does take a good deal of time. Keep up the great work.

  2. Lee - i actually blurred the background so that Gene would stand out a little more. I just think the whole thing is probably too busy, and should start fresh with another background. And yes...Gene's edges were too sharp on this one...definitely needed to spend more time on that part as well.