Friday, November 27, 2009

USO Accessories

The accessories and furniture that came with the Ashton-Drake Gene were almost as fantastic as the outfits. This USO accesory package is amazing in its detail; microphone, appropriately aged trunk, flag...what an excellent display addition for the USO doll. More from the story card:

The GI’s loved her. Gene was “Our All-American Girl,” the gorgeous pin-up in the black teddy come to life. Their thunderous applause would overwhelm Gene every time the famous comedian USO host would introduce her for their lively opening comedy ski.

To maintain military secrecy, Gene was not allowed to reveal her itinerary to anyone, or tell what units they’d already played to. Her troupe traveled in England and France, performing fourteen shows a week in castles, the back of supply trucks, and on hastily thrown-together stages in the middle of cow fields and combat zones. This soldiers’ courage and patriotism made Gene so proud to wear the uniform the studio made for her—not too authentic, so the enemy would realize she wasn’t a soldier in case she were captured (several actors had this terrifying experience). Gene will never forget the powerful emotions she felt stepping on the shores of Normandy, seeing the new hope for victory dawning in everyone’s eyes. On the plane flying home, she knew these two months were the hardest…and proudest…days of her life.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! To see more Gene Marshall photos, visit my regular website.

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